Christopher Webb

From DJ to singer and now a ringer for Avid Auction, Chris Webb loves the entertainment business.  He loves to make people smile and help them have a great time – especially when they are contributing to a great cause.  When he is not helping others with their fundraising events, he is helping others protect themselves in case of a loss.

Chris is a licensed and very trusted Business and Personal Insurance agent.  Chris is always energetic and ready to take on whatever task needs to be done.

Anthony Tomes

Born and raised in Toledo, WA, Anthony comes from small town roots but loves the adventures of living in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. Anthony studied accounting at Western Washington University but after a short stint in the industry, he left to pursue sales and hasn’t looked back since!

When Anthony isn’t reading the catalog for Avid Auctions, he enjoys reading, skiing, watching films, and spending time with friends and family.

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