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I shot the life out of a piece of paper last night.  I took a marksman class. That’s where they put a little target in front of you and they teach you how to shoot a hole in the center. It sounds easy, and there were guys there that were amazing, but I wasn’t one of...

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So thank you to everyone who has emailed me and let me know what you think of my library of information: “Wow Pat, great insights into the auction world and how to make it work!” “I so appreciated your articles on product and décor displays” “Are you an immigrant or...

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The World According to Pat

PATIENCE – Blog # 4 So I’m watching the Discovery Channel one night. Rare I watch that show. The Discovery Channel for me is kinda like celebrating mother earth. I’m sort of into the whole mother earth thing if we could figure out how to keep gas cheap. I was dating a...

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Boldness and Persistence

So I’ve been thinking - I do that between commercials. What are the most valuable experiences I can give you, the reader that will help you build a beautiful auction? There are several principles I could tell you. Here's a few. TO MY BACKSTAGE PEEPS You are the quiet,...

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In My Perfect Auction

So I’ve written about vision. Now I’m going to put it into practice. I’m going to close my eyes and dream. I’m going to dream long and I’m going to dream vivid. I’m going to dream in color but there are a few black and white spots. I’m going to dream about a night...

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Silent vs Live

Silent Night and Live From New York Wisdom. Hmmmm. I’m doing the meditative thing today. I’m lighting a candle, burning some incense and closing my eyes. Hmmmmm. I’m cross legged and tapping my fingers together. Hmmmm.  I’m meditating on the best way to explain silent...

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MORE ON DÉCOR A bazillion years ago when I took notes in high school with a chisel and stone, when Saturday night was Love Boat and Fantasy Island (The plane! The plane!), when Twisted Sister wasn’t your sibling, I used to work as a waiter for the Sheraton Hotel. I...

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THE POWER OF VISION So I’m at the gym working out one morning. This guy is staring at me. Mid 50’s, semi stocky build, thick arms with deep hair growth, tattoo on one shoulder, and tree trunk legs. His hands are calloused and his skin had a sheen like well worn...

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Creative Procurement Ideas

PACKAGING PROCUREMENT ITEMS Nothing sells like convenience and well thought out packages. Let us for just a moment crawl into the mind of the wealthy, the mid wealthy, and my class of people - the dust poor. We are not dirt poor - dirt is valuable. We are dust poor -...

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